Order Form Questions

Can I get my children’s photo taken together?

Yes, please make sure all the children’s names are on the form (if more than 2, first names only will be printed on all designer products). This lets the photographer know you want them all together in the same photo.

Can I pay for more than one order with a check or credit card?

Yes, you may pay for multiple athletes with one check or credit card. Please indicate on the order forms that will NOT have payment inside that they are “paid with another order”. This will greatly assist the accounting department.

Can I order pictures online after the shoot?

No, currently online ordering is for preordering your pictures with a credit card only. You are welcome to call our office to place an order after your shoot, this also applies to those who wish to order additional items later. If you are unable to purchase pictures the day of the shoot, here is what you will need to do. Fill out an order form for your athlete and do not write anything down for your order. Having an order form will ensure that he/she gets their photo taken on the day of pictures. Then, at your convenience you may call to place an order after the shoot.

Why are there two different prices for Individual Items on the order form?

There is one price (IND) for a parent that is ordering individual items ONLY, no package is being purchased. The 2nd price (W/PKG) is for parents that are ordering a package and wish to add additional items as well.

I want to order the “Create Your Own Package”, what do I write down in the Place Your Order section?

You will notice there are 8 items to choose from when ordering this package. Each item has its own package name (X1, X2, X3 etc.). These are the package codes you will write in the ordering section. Once you decide on 3 or 5 items, simply write the package choice and quantity until you reach the correct number of items you are purchasing. You may select any combination of items, as an example, when choosing 3 items, you may select 3 – X1, and this will provide you with 3 – 5 x 7 individuals.

I want to pay with cash; do you provide change at the shoot?

No, our photographers do not carry cash on them.

Can I break a package up between multiple athletes’ photos and/or poses?

No, each package must print entirely of a single photograph. The purpose of including discounted, with package prices will allow you to add products to a package for different poses or photos. One example might be adding photo buttons with a brother and a sister together in a photo. A separate form will be needed for the picture together; however you may use the with package price for this photo button purchase of the siblings together. Each photo that you wish to purchase something from must be its own order form.

What do the “text & emails” in the packages mean?

Each package that says “text of individual” means the photo will be sent via MMS to the cell phone number you provide on the form. Each package that says “email of individual” means the photo will be sent via email to the email address provided on the form. In both cases, if an email address or a cell phone number is NOT provided, we will not be able to provide these products to those individuals.

Do we receive any items for free?

Yes, Picture Day has for 15+ years provided every participant on the day of pictures a free team fun pose. We provide this regardless of purchase. This is our way of saying thank you to each family while at the same time giving every athlete a memento to remember their season!

Can I view my picture before placing an order?

No. All of Picture Day’s youth sports programs are prepay ordering fulfillment. We trust our photographers to professionally do their job and achieve the best possible photo of each subject. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

General Questions

Please feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have, we will be happy to help!